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Temporary VRU


After having been unable to employ a temporary Vapour Recovery Unit in 2015, VNT makes further efforts to employ the same system during 2016, in the period from 15 May to 30 September. While this is an interim solution until the permanent Vapour Recovery System becomes operational in late 2017, the system will be beneficial in reducing emissions during the loading of vessels.

The Temporary Vapour Recovery Unit, VentoClean®, is a containerised, portable system designed for the recovery of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from vessels and tanks during loading operations. It is a closed system and therefore operates emission free. The system uses the technology of refrigeration, condensing vapours of petroleum products originating during vessel loading and converting them back to their liquid stage.

Project facts

Location: At the beginning of Jetty #3
Technology: Cooling / Condensation
System: Mobile System fitted within a 40 foot container    
VOC Emission @ Oultlet: 30gr / Nm3
Timeline For use from 15 May – 30 September 2016




DOWNLOAD: Temporary vapor recovery system set-up timeline.pdf