Ventspils nafta termināls

Permanent VRU


For years ““Ventspils nafta” terminals” (VNT) has been eager to find solutions to implement a Vapour Recovery Unit as part of its operations for the loading of sea-going vessels. The Vapour Recovery Unit assists in the significant reduction of emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC) which originate during the loading of petroleum products onto sea-going vessels.

This initiative follows good international practice with respect to environmental protection, followed by “”VTTI”, being a major shareholder of VNT, as part of its global terminal operations, and generally terminals worldwide.

The company has been unsuccessful in securing the conditions in the Ventspils Freeport over the past 5 years as it needs the cooperation of third parties to be assigned a land plot in the area of the jetties for the placement of such system. Given the fact that the major historical obstacle to identify a land plot in the area of the jetties has been resolved, the company has committed itself to completing the installation and starting the operation of such system.

Project facts

Location: Along the shoreline between Jetty #2 and #3, in VNT territory, 75 Talsu Street
Technology: Cold Adsorption  / Activated Carbon
System: 2 identical systems capable of handling a vapour flow of  2000 m3 / hr each
VOC Emission @ Oultlet: 10 gr / Nm3
Completion: November 2017



DOWNLOAD: Permanent vapor recovery system set-up timeline.pdf