Ventspils nafta termināls


North Kurzeme Regional Hospital

VNT is investing in improvement of healthcare service level of its employees and other residents of Ventspils, therefore the company in 2013 - 2016 purchased the equipment ensuring diagnostics of higher quality and convenient work for personnel of the hospital.

Interactive whiteboard

Being aware that technologies are increasingly permeating the life of the community, VNT presented Ventspils Secondary School No 2 with an interactive whiteboard in March 2012 and in December 2016. The interactive whiteboard has been installed in the foreign languages class-room, and will help students to acquire English and German languages, as well as other subjects in humanities.

Deaf Community

Ventspils Regional Union of Latvian Deaf Association takes care of people with hearing disability in Ventspils and the region, therefore in 2014 VNT presented a TV set to the union to improve the quality of spare time for deaf people. 


One of the largest supported projects that VNT is especially proud of is co-financing of the new centre for information, culture and society in Ventspils – construction of Pārventa library.