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VNT has invested over 265’00 euro into growth of society in 2015


VNT has invested over 265’00 euro into growth of society in 2015

December 28, 2015 / News

““Ventspils nafta” termināls” Ltd (VNT) as an economically significant and large employer in Kurzeme believes that growth and development of the entire region is relevant. During this year VNT has provided support for development of education, sports, healthcare, pensioners and children in the amount of over 265’000 euro.

One of the company’s priorities is promoting education level. This year VNT has ensured 18 field practice positions for students from different Latvian, Lithuanian, British and German higher educational institutions. Support was also given to establish engineering secondary school of the Riga Technical University.

“Investment into creation of a new Latvian engineering platform is relevant both to VNT and Latvia overall, as it will provide us all with the necessary engineering professionals in future,” emphasizes the VNT Managing Director Lars Pantzlaff.

In turn the Information Technology Faculty of the Ventspils University College celebrated its tenth anniversary this year with the support of VNT. At the same time, the company has also involved in training of pupils, for example, pupils of the Saldus Professional Secondary School attended practical lecture on fire safety and firefighting at VNT.

The company has invested around 135’000 euro into development of the sports movement, supporting the Latvian Athletics Union in preparing Ventspils athletes for the Olympic Games, as well as the Ventspils youth initiative “3 ball games” and different local sports clubs (children’s hockey club, BK Ventspils, FK Ventspils, VK Ventspils, Tug-of-war Club “Velkonis”).

 “To achieve high goals, one needs productive training conditions throughout the year, including training camps abroad due to the Latvian climate conditions. With the support of VNT, such conditions were ensured. That has helped to get closer to every athlete’s big dream – the Olympic Games, for which I have qualified,” says racewalker Arnis Rumbenieks.

VNT has contributed to the promotion of society’s health protection level as well. Namely, a laser device for vein operations, electrocardiograph with trolley, as well as new-borns monitor was purchased for the North Kurzeme regional hospital.

VNT has paid special attention to the society’s less protected groups – pensioners and children – we have supported several culture events, supplied gifts for festivities, as well as provided transport for excursions and attendance of sport competitions.

“We are certain that our support to children, pupils and healthcare institutions and pensioners has created positive changes and promoted the growth of Kurzeme region. May achievements in all areas of life continue surprising us in 2016 as well! Also I wish everybody good health and joy of living,” says the VNT Managing Director Lars Pantzlaff.