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Six ‘shadows’ at ““Ventspils nafta” terminals”


Six ‘shadows’ at ““Ventspils nafta” terminals”

February 16, 2017 / News

On 15 February ““Ventspils nafta” terminals” (VNT), which is one of the largest and technologically most up-to-date oil and oil product transhipment companies in the Baltic States, welcomed six students from Ventspils Gymnasium No. 1 and Kuldīga Centre Secondary School within the annual Shadow Day. The students from grades 9–12 acted as ‘shadows’ of VNT Managing Director Lars Pantzlaff, Operations Director Vilnis Riekstiņš, and Operations Project Administrator Valērijs Driņģis.

During the day, the students were provided with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with VNT both by listening to a narration about the company, and by seeing the territory and participating in meetings together with the managers.

This time students were mostly interested in the logistics-related professions. Brothers Raivo and Ralfs Ankevics from grade 9 of Kuldīga Centre Secondary School describe work at VNT as smart, interesting and sophisticated. Their classmate Ints Martinsens points out that spending the Shadow Day at VNT and seeing the everyday work of Valērijs Driņģis as the operations project administrator, has raised his interest, and, he could possibly choose to work in this position in the future, because he enjoys business and logistics.

Laura Priede, a student from grade 10 of Ventspils Gymnasium No. 1 shares her impressions about the position of Operations Director Vilnis Riekstiņš: “Today I gained new knowledge, which will motivate me to continue studying in this field. I would like to work at VNT in the future”. Andrejs Ļukšins, a student from grade 12 of the same school, has been shadowing at VNT three years in a row and describes the company in three words: development, motivation and cooperation. The scale and scope of our work left a tremendous impression on all the students.

“The Shadow Day gives young people an opportunity to ‘stick their nose’ into the business world early, which is a valuable experience for them,” says VNT Managing Director Lars Pantzlaff, and adds that as part of the evolution of every company, it is good to look at the future generation of professionals, to expose them to how a business works and to help them to collect some thoughts for their future career planning.

To popularise the importance of higher education among young people, VNT regularly participates in the Shadow Day, in the Career Days of universities, and offers internship opportunities for students from Latvia and other countries.

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