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55 years in Latvia – ““Ventspils nafta” terminals”


55 years in Latvia – ““Ventspils nafta” terminals”

October 4, 2016 / News

““Ventspils nafta” terminals” (VNT) is celebrating its 55th year of operation since it was established in 1961. During all those years the terminal has transhipped more than 930 million tons of crude oil and petroleum products. Since the foundation, VNT has experienced the continued development and become the largest oil and petroleum product storage and transhipment terminal in the Baltic States.

“Thanks to the professional work of the VNT team and its ability to provide services according to the highest international safety and quality standards, we have been able to exist and develop during the last 55 years. Our work quality and sustainability is appreciated not only by clients, but also by the Latvian business environment, which is confirmed by the repeatedly received Platinum award in the Sustainability Index. We comply with sustainability principles not only in our daily work, but we also facilitate growth of the Ventspils city and Kurzeme region — in recent years we have invested more than 18 million euros to support the Ziemelkurzeme Regional Hospital, different culture and sports events in our city, the orphanage Selga and Ventspils Baby Box project, and to support VNT retirees. We believe that the key to our success is both the development of the company, as well as Ventspils and the entire Kurzeme region, because the development of any company is closely related to the welfare of the region and its people,” says Lars Pantzlaff, VNT Managing Director since 2009.

Milda Antrope, deputy chief engineer in Ventspils nafta since 1961, who had guided the construction of the terminal since the very beginning and is currently leading the VNT retirees’ association, emphasizes: “The foundation of VNT success is its employees, who have been ensuring professional capacity of the company for decades. Selfless contribution of VNT employees and passion in work has ensured continuous operation of the terminal and gradual implementation of new technological solutions.”

VNT, of which 51 % of the company belongs to the holding company Ventspils nafta and 49 % of the company belongs to the international petroleum terminal network VTTI, during the last 55 years has expanded up to 1 195 000 m3 with 105 storage tanks, 122 pumps, operation on two piers and 3 railway racks. In total VNT employs 260 people.

VNT historic milestones

  • 1958 – Construction of the tank farm in Ventspils was commenced.
  • 1961 - On September 30 the Ventspils Oil Transhipping Terminal was officially brought into service.
  • 1968 – The crude oil product pipeline Polotsk-Ventspils was brought into service, significantly increasing the product transhipment volumes.
  • 1972 – The first 100 million tons of crude oil and petroleum products were transhipped.
  • 1988 – The total volume of transhipped crude oil and petroleum products reached 500 million tons.
  • 1991 – Ventspils nafta was registered.
  • 1999 – On December 28 two new 50 000 cubic meter tanks (the biggest and only ones in Latvia) and two new 20 000 cubic meter tanks for storage of petroleum products were brought into service.
  • 2000 – For the first time the company obtained the international ISO-9001 quality management standards certificate and the international ISO-14001 environmental management standards certificate.
  • 2003 – The company Ventspils nafta was separated, Ventspils nafta terminals was created.
  • 2006 – In order to promote company’s productivity representatives of Vitol Group – the new shareholder of JSC Ventspils nafta, and VTTI – an influential owner and manager of a network of petroleum product terminals in the global market, joined the company’s direct management.
  • 2012 – New and modern pump stations were constructed and old marine loading arms were replaced.
  • 2013 – VNT received the award “Best Employer in Kurzeme” from the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia.
  • 2014 – CV-Online recognised VNT as the best employer in Kurzeme, and VNT received the Golden Category and Sustainability Champion title of the Sustainability Index.
  • 2015 – VNT successfully recertified in compliance with requirements of the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, was ranked in the Platinum category of the Sustainability Index and received “Golden Helmet” award from the State Labour Inspection in the labour safety field.
  • 2016 – VNT was repeatedly ranked in the Platinum category of the Sustainability Index thus strengthening its position as one of the most sustainable companies in Latvia.